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UV Coating


Enhance your colors and protect your neck with this durable, high-gloss, flood-protective coating.

Learn all about UV coating, and our other special treatments, in our Special Coatings Guide!

UV Coating FAQ
The Mingo Ordering Process

But Wait. How Do I Order?
We’re working around the clock to make online ordering for this product possible. But have no fear! Our trusty print gurus are here to help in the meantime. Click here or Contact Team Picasso to request a quote or place an order. We promise you’ll be in good hands.
Frequently Asked Questions: UV Coating FAQs
What are the advantages to UV coating?

Adding a UV coating to your printed piece adds a high gloss finish, which not only enhances the vibrancy but also protects the pieces from finger printing and other abrasions.

Can you put a UV Coating on an uncoated paper?

No can do. All special coatings work best when paired with coated papers.

Can you do a spot UV coating?

We currently offer a raised spot UV finish with the option to add a foil finish if you do not want it to remain clear. Check it out – it’s pretty stellar.

Can you write on a piece that’s been UV Coated?

Not easily! The high gloss, slippery finish of UV coating makes writing on top of it very difficult.

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