Touch it. Smell it. Ahhhhhh….PAPER. The beautiful bearer of your commercial art. Got a Pop-Tone Sweet Tooth? How about a love of Cougars? Or is a Classic Crest more your style? Baronial Ivory, Smooth, with a twist of cotton, lovey. Whatever it is, we have it or can get it for you.

Uncoated Paper
These papers convey an extra dimension: touch. Their surfaces have a texture you can feel. Smooth, vellum, dimpled, columns, linens, canvas are just a few. Friendly and renewable, these colorful papers have lots of built-in personality.

Coated Paper
With a smooth surface, coated papers are best for high-quality image reproduction. They come in lots of finishes in gloss, dull and matte. Some show photography well while others make text easier to read. Even for designers.

Specialty Papers
These special purpose papers include translucent, synthetic and parchment. We also offer carbonless for forms; index and bristol for divider pages, folders, and tags; and label stock for, you guessed it, labels.


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