It’s your story—why not control it from beginning to end?

Control the ending: Anatomy of a Mingo mailer


Our story is all about bringing yours to life. But how do we do that?

Good question. Here, we offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the various printing methods we utilized to execute our latest direct mailer, “Isn’t it nice when you control the ending?”

We start with an attention-grabbing concept. In this case, it’s about alien worlds and asteroid belts and stars and astronauts and deep space. Cuz who doesn’t love space, right?

mingo press mailer

Then we add the copy—that’s fancy industry speak for “words.”

mingo press mailer

After that, we get to the fun stuff—the specialty flourishes that showcase our mad printing skillz: The gold-embossed typography, the beautiful die-cuts, the vellum overlays.

mingo press mailer

When all is said and done, we have a detailed blueprint for another in our series of hilariously complicated mailers. Then it’s off to the printer!

There’s a world of difference between good and great printing. We’re here to tell your story. Why not give it the ending it deserves?


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