o is for Offset

Not to be too obvious, but here at mingo, we take printing pretty seriously. Especially when it comes to offset.

Yes indeed, O stands for Offset, and we’re oh so excited to print those top-notch jobs for you.

In a world where most online printers specialize in digital, we think our work stands out. Offset is our specialty, and we’ve been using it to delight customers with our capabilities for over 35 years.

Our multiple offset presses let us print everything from single to five color jobs. But that’s not all we can do.

Outstanding spot color.
Optional varnishes or coatings.
Outlines and overlays.
Ultra-obedient Pantone matching.
Out of this world thermography and metallic ink.

The list goes on and on!

Whatever your needs are, we aim to please. In our mind, it’s obvious—great quality means optimal results. We make it our business to bring you both.

Now, we’d love to hear what O means to you! Share your thoughts online with #mingopressgo to see what others are thinking.

Over and out!

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