n is for no

Want to know a secret? At mingo, no is not a dirty word.

Truth be told, no is practically part of our company DNA! In fact, saying no might just be the best part of our day.

No minimum orders.

No limits.

No rush fees.

No problem!

Need to order just a few invitations? You got it! Need to order 1,000? No issue here! Need it next week? We’ll start working right away. Need a new proof? There’s nothing we’d rather do than get that to you ASAP!

(Well, almost nothing…it’s hard to compete with winning the lottery or getting a massage on a Caribbean cruise, but giving you what you want sounds pretty great, too.)

Whatever it is you need, we’ll be happy to do it with the same no hassle, no-nonsense customer service you’ve come to know and love from mingo—no exceptions!

Why? We think it’s a no-brainer: happy customers come back again. No matter how long it’s been since your last order, we’ll be ready and willing to help you place another.

Now we’d love to hear what ‘n’ means to you. Post your thoughts at mingopress.com and #mingopressgo, and enjoy the freedom that comes with saying no.

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