m is for Mail

So you’re ready to feel the magic of mingo for yourself, huh?
Marvelous! We’ll get it right to you.

Here’s what you can expect from mingo this year:

-Mail that looks and feels majestic, manageable, sometimes matte, sometimes marbled, muy bueno.

-A new piece of mail from mingo every few months to add to your collection (and we do mean collection. You’ll see what we mean soon enough).

-Tips on how you can use mail to makeover your business.

To celebrate the power of mail in 2015, we want to hear how mail has helped you up your game. Maybe it’s a new client. Maybe it’s a massive win. Whatever the case, show us the majesty of your mail on social media with #mingopressGo.

In the meantime, we’ll send you a new piece of mail every couple months to let you know we’re thinking of you. Keep your eyes on that mailbox…you won’t want to miss this.

Yes, m is for MAIL. But it stands for so much more than that.

What does m mean to you?

We help make your mail memorable. See for yourself.


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