i is for I (you)

Here at mingo, we’re all about the I (and by I, we mean you).

In real life, when you have a question, you usually walk over to the person and ask it, or give ’em a call and get an answer. Either way, we’re pretty sure talking to a robot never comes into play.

(We think robots are cool, but we prefer they stay in the movies, and out of the customer service process).

In fact, you’ll get a real live person whenever you call mingo (or if we’re away, a real live person’s voicemail, and a call back soon). We pride ourselves in making you feel important. Because in our eyes, you are.

Yep, we like to keep the focus on the interpersonal, and on helping you make your mail the best it can be. The way we see it, a good relationship makes for a great final product. We want to bring you both.

And in the Information Age, we can’t deny the power of a strong message. (We just prefer they come delivered expressly to your door on designer-grade paper.)

In order to give you that, we’re gonna need you to trust us.

Let’s start with your address—email or street. Give it to us, and we’ll send you a free piece of mail or email every other month, just to show you how irreplaceable your mingo mail can be.

If you like what you see, post your infatuation on social media with #mingopressgo. You can even add us to your inner circle! (Too soon? Okay. Why don’t you start by following us, and we’ll see where it goes?)

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In case you missed it, here’s the first piece in our direct mail campaign. Consider it a gift from us to you—because we’re pretty into you, and we just wanted you to know.

m is for Mail. We help make your mail memorable. Feel it for yourself.

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