g is for g7

Gotta have the G.


Around here, good printing aint nothing but a G thang.

Gee, I’m all about those colors! Good gravy, that embossing is everything! Geez, that finishing looks sweet

When it comes to color, we want that gotta have it glitz. So we use the G7 printing method, because we think ‘pretty good’ is the enemy of ‘totally great.’

Visually accurate colors via colormetric matching.

Grayscale + seven colors.

Two characters, one big difference.

Image rasterisation. CMYK mastering. Colorimetry and grayscale balancing. Spot on coloring for lithography. These techniques really get us going, so we use a method that feeds our gravitation to this goal.

Why? Because your mail needs to look groovy, and it’s up to us to make that happen.

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