A Real Freak Out Story

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So we were pitching a tourism account in southeastern Oklahoma. We were one of three groups presenting in one day, so an inspirational leave-behind was important to stand out in the creative parade called a pitch.

The only way to get down to this beautiful place is to drive. It takes every bit of 4 hours and 2 pit stops (and maybe an ice cream cone) to get there. Note that this moves our hard deadline up by half a day.

McCurtain County is a little piece of paradise down in the corner of Oklahoma, shrouded in mountains, tall pines and big oak trees. The back woods are home to all kinds of critters. Legend has it that one of them is Bigfoot.

In the center of it all sits Beavers Bend State Park, sporting National Park Service Rustic style cabins built in the 1930s. Today, more than 600 modern cabins are scattered throughout the woodsy county, available for rent by fishermen and families alike.

We wanted to marry the nostalgia of the state park with today’s modern style, wrapping it all up together into one cohesive brand package for the county. So we designed a logo and laser cut it into the top of a wooden box.

Then we packed the box full of stuff designed to fit with the brand look and feel. As you’ll see, we had a lot of fun! Until it was time to print it all…that’s where Mingo came in.

McCurtain County laser cut wooden box
We made beef jerky. (Really – we made the jerky, and its packaging!) So much fun.

McCurtain County get lost jerk, beef jerky
We made postcards. A whole set of them. We wanted to put these in the cabins with stamps already on them, ready for visitors to mail to friends and family. What better direct-mail program is there than that? Mingo printed the pitch postcards for us in digital full-color. They looked and felt like the real thing.

McCurtain County, OK home of the elusive Sasquatch postcard
We wrote McCurtain County a love note. Mingo printed it for us. Fast. On awesome paper.

Cubic's love letter to McCurtain County
The deadline approached. We still needed another wow. The pitch was just 24 hours away.

Finally, the idea. Coasters. We called Mingo and said, “Can you print on cork?”

They said, “We’ve never done it but we think so.” Remember the can-do attitude?

Mingo has an 8-color, wide-format, flat-bed press that prints on rigid substrates that normally won’t absorb ink. They had printed on acrylic and metal but never cork. But they were willing to give it a shot.

“Can you print ‘em, trim ‘em and have ‘em to us by end of day today?”

We held our breath…

They said yes.

McCurtain County cork coasters
Mingo prints full-color digital, offset and spot-color with thermography and a variety of coatings. They keep several high-quality papers from Neenah and Cougar in their floor stock, but routinely print on French, Mohawk and other papers beloved by designers. And occasionally, cork.

So when we say they have developed a cure for creative emergencies, we mean it!

Work with Mingo during your next freak out and get free ground shipping on orders over $50.

We promise you won’t be sorry.

(Oh by the way, we won the account.)

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