Part One: 5 Tips to Printing Wedding Invitations

Happy Friday, print lovers! Spring has sprung, which means wedding season is in full bloom. For all you brides-to-be out there, here’s our gift to you: 5 tips on how to print the wedding invitations of your dreams without breaking the bank.

1. Size matters – You tend to like things that aren’t the same as everyone else, and you don’t want to mimic your cousin/friend/enemy that just got married. Keep the uniqueness for another area, cause it’ll cost you. Standard sizes always cost less because they’ve been designed to maximize printing efficiency. You’ll also find a much wider variety of matching envelopes, which means you can still put your unique touch on the invite, without breaking the bank.

2. Shape matters too – Now that we’ve agreed it is best to stick with the standard sizes, don’t get suckered into that square envelope! Sure, they’re popular, but they’re also expensive. Try 20¢ extra in postage just to start. For best postage rates keep the aspect ratio (width divided by height) between 1.3 and 2.5.

3. Ignore the envelope – Don’t fall into the trap of spending extra on the envelope, it will get beat up in the mail, and most people throw them away right after opening. Focus your budget on the invitation. It will be displayed on refrigerators and kept in wedding albums for years to come.

4. Raise the ink – Try thermography! Thermography is the process where the ink is printed onto the invitation and then baked off. The result is a high end look with lots of texture and feel for a low price. In fact, most people cannot tell the difference between thermography and its much more expensive counterpart engraving.

5. Order more – Quite a bit more, like 20% more than you think you’ll possibly need. Why is this a cost savings tip? Because it’s way cheaper to order more now than to go back for a second printing. It’ll only be marginally more expensive to order 20% more now, but it’ll almost double your budget to go back and reprint additional invitations. This way, when your mom starts talking to her mean aunt Betty again, you’ll be ready.

Five more wedding invite tips!

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