Mingo Do’s & Don’ts of Creative Etiquette

“Need this designed ASAP. Specs per our discussion last week. How quickly can you have it?”

“How soon do you want it out?”

“…yesterday would be great! HA!”

{insert your uncomfortable, nervous laugh here}

Time traveler may not be in your official job description, but just how often do you feel like it should be? After all, you’re a designer.  You’re expected to create something from nothing like a magician pulls rabbits from his hat. And you’re GREAT at doing it. But that doesn’t make those “need this by last week” scenarios any less frustrating. If being a bad a** at your job was enough to cure those design induced panic attacks, life would be a lot easier. Sadly, this isn’t always the case.

Creative emergencies can make you resort to doing just about anything to release some of the frustrations brought on by that last minute, hot rush demand. We get that. But setting your Mac Book ablaze and using your Pantone books to ignite the flames will only temporarily set your mind at ease. Instead of turning into a pyromaniac, step back, take a deep breath and give us a call.  Our staff of fast, friendly experts can help you survive any emergency and we have LOTS of good solutions for creative freak-outs.  We’re pretty good listeners, too – vent away 🙂

For lots more Do’s & Don’ts, we have this fun little poster you can download. Hang it up and use it as a reminder to keep your head when all you want to do is rip someone else’s off.


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