Meeting Katy

Joe never paid any attention to graphic design. He never knew how seriously it was taken by the people who are passionate about it. But that all changed when he met Katy.

I was at a happy hour networking event at a local pub; I saw an attractive, quirky young woman, and introduced myself, extending my business card (as is customary at such events).

She laughed.

“Wow, this is a really nice card, Joe” she said, barely concealing a tone of playful sarcasm. “My dad had business cards just like these in the ‘80s.”

I chose to view her gentle ribbing as flirtation rather than mocking, but suddenly I could see what she meant. My cards looked like I entered some information into a cut-rate EZ Business Card Generator and pressed “Go.” Not only that, they were printed on flimsy, boring paper that made them (and me) look cheap.

As a sales executive, I began to wonder how many leads I’d squandered simply because my business cards looked like I was a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, circa 1987.

Katy suggested a more modern design, which she graciously offered to help with, and—most importantly—to ditch the cheesy, floppy, high-gloss card stock.

I left the networking event with a plan to spice up my business cards (and in turn improve my career prospects), and scored a date with a funny, flirty, attractive graphic designer to boot.

Little did I know, my education in all things design had only just begun.


Joe discovered Mingo, through Katy and wanted to share his story.


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