Just My ‘Type’

For our first date, Katy and I went to dinner at a reasonably fancy place. Nothing outlandish, but it was nice, it was new, and it had a solid Yelp score.

We had barely sat down when my education on all things design began.

“I love their branding,” she said.

“Mm,” I said, barely understanding what I was half-heartedly agreeing with.

“This font is Brothers. I’ve wanted it forever, but it’s so expensive.”

I was bewildered. “A font? Is expensive?”

She then explained more about typography and font design than I could even process. My only previous knowledge of fonts was that if I used Typewriter instead of Times New Roman I could stretch a 3-page term paper to the 5-page requirement.

At first I thought it was a little ridiculous that a font would be expensive, but the more I looked at the menu and the signage throughout the restaurant, I began to realize how much that font contributed to the personality of the place. The restaurant seemed modern and hip, and it wasn’t the checkered tablecloths or the weirdly shaped drinking glasses. It was the branding—a thing I didn’t even realize was a thing.

I was oddly fascinated. Here was this whole other world that existed right before my eyes, all the time, everywhere I went. Soon I was pointing out fonts everywhere we went, to Katy’s great delight. (Me: “Avenir, right?” Her: “Wow! Yes!”)

Only one date and I was already on the path to design nerd central.


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