Happy Birthday, Mr. Dwiggins!

This week we celebrate the birth of a VIP in the graphic arts industry. One of the most very important people in our industry ever – Mr. William Addison Dwiggins.

Dwiggins designed typography, ornaments, ads, books, marionettes – you name it. He loved paper and ink and great printing. He was an irrepressible creative who took joy in designing virtually everything in his world, including how the world refers to people like him: graphic designers. That’s right- Dwig was that first to coin the term for himself nearly a century ago. If it weren’t for good ole Bill, your job title could be “the person who sits at their computer and creates stuff all day” (try fitting that on your next business card).

Needless to say, he’s a true inspiration to us all. We encourage you to go out and find your creative Dwigginspiration today. And if it happens to inspire you to call us for your next print job, we’re sure an old ad man like Dwig would appreciate it. And so we would we.

Still not totally inspired? Try doodling a birthday card for Willie. Proud of your creation? Share it on our Facebook page.

Happy Dwiggins Day!

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