Don’t Freak

It’s EOD Friday and the biggest worry on your mind is which Netflix series to spend the weekend binge watching.  You’re half way to the door when you hear it – the ding of a new email. Your heart skips a beat as you turn back and scan over the subject line:


With one eye closed, you continue to read on:

Hi – so sorry to drop this on a Friday!

That postcard we discussed last month? The boss man wants it out by next week…at the latest. Nothing too crazy, but he wants it to have lots of “sizzle and pop” …maybe that spot varnish you mentioned? And that metallic ink.  OH and those full color images we sent you. Maybe we should add an envelope? But it needs to match. Can you have them addressed? Our list isn’t huge – 10,000 tops. Proofs by Monday?


You’re hyperventilating just reading this all too familiar scenario, aren’t you?

We have just the thing to cure your creative panic attack: a virtual creative freak-out emergency kit we like to call the Just In Case.  Inside it are all the essentials for preventing freak-outs.

First and foremost is a full crew of real people who can help you survive any emergency, and who just love crushing tight deadlines. Seriously. It’s a little embarrassing to admit how excited we get when thrown a last minute hot rush.

Second is all the professional printing options you might need. Like full and spot-color printing. Lots of paper choices. Matching envelopes. Turn-key mailing services. And so much more.

So next time this happens to you, don’t freak – we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Use promo code lifesaver at checkout to receive Free Shipping on orders over $50.


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