Dating A Designer No More

I am no longer dating a designer.

In the years I dated Katy, she changed the way I perceive the world in every way. Because of her, my house looks cool and my clothes are stylish. I have a real appreciation of form, function and effective communication. I see beauty in places I never thought to look. I have a richer life.

Because of these things and many others, I couldn’t continue dating her. I had to marry her.

Thankfully, when the question was popped, she said yes. And thus began the whirlwind.

I thought I knew the depths of her design obsession. I even thought that under her tutelage I had become a bit of a design aficionado myself. The moment that vintage emerald ring slid onto her finger and the wedding planning began, I immediately realized how wrong I was.

The first thing she asked me was what I thought about a color scheme. Thinking to myself, “I’ve got this,” I suggested a muted navy with a burnt orange. I was so proud that I knew those colors appear opposite each other on a color wheel. I was proud I even knew what a color wheel was.

“For a wedding?” she said with a chuckle. “Hmm. How about I put together some options and we’ll see which one you like.”

It went on like that for the entire year we were engaged. She would thoughtfully ask for my suggestions on everything—colors, paper for invitations, decorations, flowers—then gently and tactfully veto my suggestions in favor of her vision. And her vision, unsurprisingly, was gorgeous and perfect and far better than anything I could’ve conceived. I never got my feelings hurt or yearned to have a bigger say in those decisions. I knew she would nail it, and I was right.

Now that our big day is in the books (literally, thousands of photos chronicling every stylized moment are now in a book), I get to spend the rest of my life enjoying all the beautiful things she has opened my eyes to. Even more gratifying, I get to watch her create beautiful things, and share in all the joy that entails.

Dating a designer was an awakening. Being married to one is more like a dream.

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