The Christmas Cheater

‘twas the week before Christmas and the drop date was near,
yet not a card had been sent to her loved ones so dear.

the design was completed, but her job not quite done.
she hadn’t even started the addressing fun.

night after night, she lay restless in bed
as visions of stamping danced in her head.

the deadline clock ticking, the job soon to defeat her.
If she reached out for help, she’d be dubbed “Christmas Cheater.”

she knew what they’d call her, but worry she couldn’t.
if she didn’t act quick, be mailed they just wouldn’t!

Quickly she realized there was no need to stress.
the answer was simple – call Mingo Press!

the e-mail was sent away in a flash
“please handle it all, it’s well worth the cash.”

she laid down her head, finally able to rest,
knowing her cards were in the hands of the best.

printed, addressed, and stamped with such care
she thought the experience was one she should share.

“on time with great quality, and service galore, the people at Mingo I truly adore.”

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