Darshan Phillips

Darshan Phillips is a graphic designer and painter who creates with his design partner Aaron Whisner as the collaborative Live4This. This set is an amalgam of paint and computer design from their 2009 show, Progress as Promised.

Darshan Phillips was born in 1981 and raised in Silver City, New Mexico, USA. He spent his mischievous early years developing a love for the outdoors and sports, including motocross and soccer. Darshan inherited his artistic talent from his father. He remembers “being good at art” from an early age, but it wasn’t until high school, and a move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, that he started taking it seriously. Darshan credits his high school art teacher, Judy McIntosh, with sparking the fire of his love for art and for motivating him to continue to pursue his art in college and beyond.

After studying design at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, Darshan completed an internship with Ames Bros Design in Seattle, Washington. It was during this internship that he developed a love and respect for poster art. It was poster art and design, along with his love for graffiti art, that became a launching pad for his style. In 2006, Darshan co-founded an art and design collaborative, Live4This, with Aaron Whisner. Darshan’s art has evolved over the years to his current style – a mix of graffiti, pop art, modernism, graphic design and urbanism. His art has taken him to Germany, Italy, Paris, Uganda and Panama.

Website: www.darshanphillips.com

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