Bryan Cooper

Bryan Cooper is a commercial designer and illustrator who creates characters out of clay, photographs and Photoshops them, then prints and frames for his art shows. This set is from his limited-edition cabinet card series in 2009.

Oklahoma State University graduate Bryan Cooper is a designer by day, illustrator by night. Once the sun goes down, he combines photography, sculpture and design in his unique illustration style – reminiscent of film stills from early claymation cartoons. His miniature sets and sculpted characters bring a sense of life and motion to his award-winning work, which ranges from dark-and-mysterious to colorful-and-zany.

Bryan’s work has appeared in the Society of Illustrators Museum in New York City and can be seen in several books: Society of Illustrators 48, Logolounge 3, Workbook, and Directory of Illustration. He has illustrated for companies such as Phillips Petroleum, WorldCom, MCI and GE, as well as for such local events as Mayfest, MS150 Bike Tour and the ADDY Awards. When Bryan isn’¬ít creating, you can find him at a flea market with his wife and daughter or watching an old movie with Steve, his hermit crab.


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